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Randall Branham - Fine Artist

Randall Branham

Randall Branham

Williamsburg , OH - United States

I first started photographing back in 1976 while on a hunting trip to the Great Rocky Mountains with a few other friends. I bought my first professional camera to photograph our adventures and have never looked back the camera eventually replacing my rifle.
I'm what you call self taught, I have literately been taught by the best in the world Such as Ansel Adams, Frans Lanting, John Shaw, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, Edward Weston, and many others to numerous to mention, including the magazines where I have been published .
After competing in many International contests sometimes with as many as 36,000 entries and honored with second place several times, it teaches you to incorporate a wide range of techniques and styles until you finally develop your own.
Creating my own ' photo/art ' today is my passion and allows me to develop an image as it lends itself to be formed, not with just my abilities behind a camera, but learning to use all the tools available to me. My camera, computer, and all their accessories are needed to finish an image, some call it ' painting photography ', others have different names, but it all comes down to whats in the artists eye and mind. I just simply call it 'photo/art'.
I now use my camera and all it's accessories from a wide angle lens to a telephoto used to extract a subject from it's background and make it standout.
I used to carve wood objects with chisel and hammer and learned to use whatever tools were available. I have learned it takes tools, technique and talent to develop a work of art. I learned to pre-visualize the image In my minds eye and like Ansel Adams so aptly put it, you don't just take a photograph you build it. It needs to be unique and stand out from all other works in order to advance, my photo/art now out sells my straight photography three to one.

Randall Branham Fine Art Prints are available on a variety of museum-quality, fine art substrates, including paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. To explore mat, frame, size and price options in real time ójust click on any photo and then click on any price tag. Please contact me if I can assist you with sizing or selection. email me. THANKS FOR VIEWING MY WORK and hopefully branham/art.

.Call me 513-294-3029 or email

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